Barbara Gittings Delaware Stonewall Democrats

We are proud at Stonewall to announce that of the twenty-two legislative candidates we endorsed, seventeen won- 77.3 %.  Of those other five only one had a reasonable chance of winning, according to pundits.  The others were so good on issues of importance to the LGBT Community, that they warranted our support.

In the past we have heard several members of the General Assembly state that because they were in Conservative districts they could not support us.  It is notable that the only two incumbents who lost were two who had always opposed us- not one of the people who had supported us was defeated.

There were four new Democratic representatives elected - each received our endorsement and 3 received PAC funding: Debra Heffernan in the 6th District, Rebecca Walker in the 9th and Edward Osienski, in the 24th - a net gain of three seats.  The fourth, Stephanie Bolden, in the 2nd, received our endorsement but did not receive PAC money as she had no opponent.

On the Statewide level 4 of the 5 candidates we endorsed: Chris Coons, US Senate, John Carney, US House, Beau Biden, Delaware Attorney General, and Chip Flowers, Treasurer.  In the other race in which the incumbent was expected to win big, Richard Korn came close enough to make a recount possible.

We also are pleased to see a new sheriff in New Castle, Trinidad Navarro, also endorsed by Stonewall.

With the net gain we think we are one step closer to full equality.

View our endorsements page for a full listing and our PAC Contributions page for funding.




The Barbara Gittings Delaware Stonewall Democrats created a political action committee (PAC) for the purposes of making financial contributions to Democratic candidates in key races who have been endorsed by the organization. Beau BidenThe PAC Board is appointed by the president of the Barbara Gittings Delaware Stonewall Democrats but, once appointed, is independent in deciding who to contribute to. The PAC is a “state” PAC and may not contribute to candidates for federal office.

The PAC may only consider candidates who have been endorsed by the BGDSDs. While endorsements are made based on support for legislative issues and evidence of LGBT advocacy in the past, PAC contributions are based on financial need and an analysis of the candidate’s election prospects. Priority is given to incumbents seeking re-election who need help and have been effective advocates for LGBT issues. Lesser priority is given to challengers with a reasonable chance of defeating Republican incumbents who have opposed our issues.as well as candidates for open seats and reasonable prospects.

In the 2010 election cycle, the Barbara Gittings Delaware Stonewall Democrats’ Political Action Committee has written checks totaling more than $13,000-making this PAC one of the largest in the state. PAC funds are almost entirely monies raised at Stonewall’s Annual Summer Fundraiser.